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Calling BS on Busy

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Professional Development |  Professional Development - Operations and Human Resources
Andrew Mellen
1 Hour
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Forget multitasking and other gimmicks—there are no shortcuts to good time management. And even time management is a lie: You can’t manage time, you can only manage yourself in relation to time. Many people use the excuse of being too “busy” as an explanation for why they are unhappy or why they just can’t seem to get the important things done. The truth is, you choose what you focus on, even if you believe you don’t have the agency or ability to choose. So if you are not getting “important” things done soon enough or fast enough, you either need to change what you are spending your time doing, do fewer things more thoroughly, or both. And without paying attention, The 7 Deadly Time Thieves™ will continue to run your day, undermining your best efforts at getting things done. By addressing interruptions, overcommitting, poor planning, multitasking, email, meetings, and Procrastination head-on, you will see remarkable improvements fast. And by shifting your attention from the problem to the solution, you’ll see how powerful the right mindset can be as the foundation for achieving exceptional results. With a few practical, tips, tools and hacks, you will gain an hour or more every day for the rest of your life.



  1. Costs of Disorganization
  2. Mindset, Story, & Core Values
  3. The 7 Deadly Time Thieves™
  4. Interruptions
  5. Overcommitting
  6. Poor Planning
  7. Multitasking
  8. Email
  9. Meetings
  10. Procrastination
  11. Q&A
  12. Session Wrap-up

Basic Course Information

Learning Objectives
  • Maximize time
  • Maximize productivity
  • Overcommitting
  • Poor Planning
  • Procrastination
  • Multitasking

Major Subjects
  • The 7 Deadly Time Thieves

Course Materials


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Andrew Mellen "The Most Organized Man in America" is a speaker, coach, and the WSJ best-selling author of "Unstuff Your Life!" and "The Most Organized Man in America's Guide to Moving". Since 1994, Andrew has helped over 150,000 businesses + people simplify their work and lives. He likes to say, "Give me 2 hours once - I'll give you an hour a day for the rest of your life."

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State Approval Information Details OK- This course is approved for 1 hr CE - Course#6000087291


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